What’s Happening

what's happening with Mission MatchThe empty tomb Mission Match focus is on supporting churches to help, in Jesus’ name, to reduce the under-5 mortality rate in 40 countries as part of closing the Promise Gap (see the 40 Countries for a description of the Promise Gap).

Projects in 2023

Church in Illinois Aids in Completion of Mother-Child Clinic in Ghana: “By selecting a project with this organization for the second consecutive year, a relationship-bridge has been established between them and this church.”

Church in Northern Indiana Helps Medical Clinic in Sierra Leone: The Missions Chair wrote, “The Mission Match showed our church that others are committed to God’s work in the world. We are not in it alone.”

Projects in 2022

Church in Illinois Supports a Mother-Child Clinic in Ghana: The pastor wrote, “I can’t help but wonder how many great things don’t get done because people worry it’s not enough.”

Projects in 2020

Church in Puerto Rico Helps Orphans in Haiti: The pastor wrote he’s not just reading Ephesians 3:20, about God doing more than we ask or imagine — he is living it!


Here at Mission Match, we’re looking forward to receiving additional applications from churches to address, in Jesus’ name, the Mission Match focus on helping to close the Promise Gap: the difference between the target reduction goals for the under-5 mortality rate (U5MR) set by world leaders in 1990 and 2000, and the actual U5MR.

If a congregation needs ideas for projects that address one of the 22 causes of death listed on the Mission Match Application, they might contact people serving on the front lines in one of the 40 countries. These people might be serving through their denominational connection, or through a Christian mission organization. Imagine how good it would be to hear from Christians in the U.S., asking, “What do you need to help, in Jesus’ name, reduce the death rate in children under 5 you are serving?”

From 2002 through 2016, some of the congregations that received Mission Match Matching Contributions chose to do projects that would qualify as helping to close the Promise Gap. These projects were in five of the 40 countries. They involved support for health clinics, providing children’s vitamins, and dealing with water-borne diseases.

We continue to hope God will do more than we can ask or imagine when congregations use Mission Match Matching Contributions to show Jesus’ love to the little children of the world.

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