Churches Can Apply Here for Mission Match Matching Contributions

churches apply hereempty tomb’s Mission Match has been working with congregations from 2002 through 2016. During that time, a total of 124 Matching Contributions totaling $222,000 have been made to 86 congregations to help fund the 112 mission projects named in their applications.

As of 2018, the focus of Mission Match is now on a specific category of mission projects. That is, congregation mission projects may qualify for Matching Contributions if the project is focused on one of the 22 causes of death in children under age 5 in one of the 40 countries, as listed in the Application. See here for a list of the 40 Countries, and a table with information about the causes of death.

The current amounts available for Matching Contributions are also listed in the Application.

Be sure to read the Application Guidelines, Application Procedures, and Application Terms and Conditions.

After you submit your application, you will receive via email a four-page PDF of your application to print, sign, and return to us by mail.

Together with you, we look forward to all the possibilities of showing Jesus’ love to the little children of the world.

Click here to proceed to the Application, which is a fillable PDF.

(If you are having issues filling out the PDF in your browser: Be sure your browser’s Preferences are set to open PDFs in Adobe Reader, or Save As to your desktop — right-click the link and select “Save As” or File menu -Save As option.)