Church in Illinois Aids in Completion of Mother-Child Clinic in Ghana

In 2023, a Bible Church in Central Illinois applied for a matching contribution.

In 2022, this church applied for and received a $3,000 matching contribution to help build a mother-child clinic in Ghana. As construction continued in 2023, the church decided to apply to Mission Match once again in order to help the mother-child clinic construction toward completion. The project was again approved for a $3,000 Mission Match matching contribution.

Church members promoted the project in church services as well as setting up a display.  They included a thermometer in order to track how much money was raised. The church worked to raise the funds from the entire congregation, using Sunday presentations, the Web site, and Sunday school classes. For the children’s Sunday school classes, a decorated baby bottle labeled “GHANA” was available for the children to put in their contributions.

Church members promoted the project in church services.

Members used a thermometer to track how much money was raised.

Decorated baby bottle in Sunday school classes for children to contribute.

Again this year, the church surpassed the matching contribution amount.  As you can see from the presentation photo with the General Board Chair and the organization founders, the church raised $5,116.  Combined with the $3,000 Mission Match matching contribution, a check for $8,116 was presented to help complete the clinic.

The church wrote in the application, “One of the goals of [the organization in Ghana] is to educate people not just on healthcare but also on the gospel itself.  It is the faith of [this organization] which drives their medical missions work.  Many who have been treated through the clinic or through village visits have never been to a doctor before.”

In the follow-up report, the Mission Chair wrote that one man was so moved during a service that he came forward with money for the project.  The report went on: “Also, the Mission Board requested and received a 10% increase in funding for year 2024 by General Board last week.

“By selecting a project with [this organization] for the second consecutive year, a relationship-bridge has been established between them and [this church].”

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