Church in Northern Indiana Helps Medical Clinic in Sierra Leone

In 2023, a United Methodist Church in northern Indiana applied for a matching contribution to help operate a medical clinic in Sierra Leone.

In their application cover letter, the church wrote, “Our church…has supported a mission project in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The Christian school built there has been operating successfully for ten years.

“Because of students and family deaths, [the school] has now built a hospital. One wing of the hospital is open and operating as a clinic. The number of people who are coming for treatment is increasing every day. We are in great need of another nurse to assist our head nurse and more medicines for treatment. Our project would be to raise money for the hiring of a new nurse and to pay for the increase in medicines to use in treatment of people coming to the clinic.”

The health center has received donation from various sources. For example, an organization in Kentucky sent supplies and equipment to help operate the clinic.

The church raised $4,620 to be matched by the Mission Match matching contribution amount of $3,000.

In his follow-up comments, the Missions Chair wrote, “The Mission Match showed our church that others are committed to God’s work in the world. We are not in it alone.”

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